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Letter symbols used for THYRISTORS:

VDRM Repetitive peak off-state voltage V
VRRM Repetitive peak reverse voltage V
ITAV Mean on-state current A
ITRMS RMS on-state current A
ITSM Surge on-state current kA
Tj Operating junction temperature oC
Tstg Storage temperature oC
Tc Case temperature oC
VTM Peak on-state voltage, max V
IDRM Repetitive peak off-state current, max mA
IRRM Repetitive peak reverse current, max mA
VGT Gate trigger direct voltage, max V
IGT Gate trigger direct current, max A
VT(T0) On-state threshold voltage V
(diT/dt)crit Critical rate of rise of on-state current A/ms
(dvD/dt)crit Critical rate of rise of off-state voltage, min V/ms
tq Turn-off time ms
rT On-state slope resistance, max mW
F Mounting force kN
M Tightening force Nm
Rthjc Thermal resistance junction to case, max oC/W
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